Sebastian "Sam or Poppy" Anthony Valletti

July 5, 1919 - November 7, 2001


Sebastian A. Valletti, born July 5, 1919 in Hoboken, New Jersey. The middle child and only son with six sisters, 3 older and 3 younger. Known to his friends as Sam and known in the family as Poppy. But to my brother and myself he was Dad.

Dad without the benefit of formal education managed to raise a family, run a successful business and stayed married to the same woman for 59 years. By todayís standards any one of those events would be considered an accomplishment.

Nanny & Poppy 
Wedding  - June 14, 1942

He said that when he was young he earned money by working in an artificial flower company. He operated a machine that placed the veins on the leaves which he was compensated for at 3 cents a gross. When WWII broke out he entered the army and drove a tank throughout Europe. He chronicled his experiences in detail in photo albums showing dates and locales he had been, although he never liked to speak about the war.

Dadís generation expected nothing handed to them but just the opportunity to work hard and get ahead. Determination, honesty , personality and a sense of humor was the track for Dadís successes. He started his business on a shoestring because he said what he did and he did what he said Ö and his suppliers knew that and trusted him.

The Valletti family

If you met him once you liked him. The second time you met him he owned you, with a ready smile and some lame joke people just took to him. Whenever my folks would travel to places that I have lived it wouldnít be unusual to hear somebody call out, "Hey Sam!" , hundreds of miles from their home. They were constantly running into people he had known and made an impression on.
Dad had a zest for life relishing in the everyday things like apples coming out in fall or what cookies to bake for the holidays. His life was simple and predictable wrapped around family and everyday events Ö. and they were content

When growing up I always remember Dad owning mostly Pontiacs and sometimes Oldsmobiles. Generally Dad bought used vehicles and not the top-of-the-line model either. Dad felt he got a good value in something that was not too fancy, dependable and you can rely on it not to let you down. Thatís just how Iíll remember Dad.


Death leaves a heartache, no one can heal.
Loves leaves a memory no  one can steal - 

We will always love you and miss Poppy, you are forever in our hearts and prayers.


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