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Memories of provides an opportunity to celebrate the life of a departed family member, friend, or business associate with the entire world! Easily create a magnificent memorial personalized with your choice of packages that include options such as music, backgrounds, poetry, and pictures. Portray their story with your sentiments and we will develop an online tribute to be presented with dignity and distinction. Relatives and friends worldwide can visit your living gift to a life worth remembering in a very special way. Before leaving the site, visitors may be invited to sign your personal guest book and by doing so will leave a lasting legacy of love and friendship.

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Richard Nylander

Richard Nylander
/27/30 - 2/7/04

Gladys Rivers

Gladys Rivers
/13/14 - 2/10/04

Robert H. McOmish
/29/50 - 11/12/02

Fredrick Waring
/26/58 - 2/25/03


"Knowledge is the food of the soul."

Featured Article...

Loss of the Future -- The Death of a Child
written by John Henry Reininger, M.A., LMHC, DAPA
National Certified Grief Therapist

Dr. Reininger has written the current featured article at Memories of He writes about the tremendous amount of grief associated with losing a child. A pain that is, as Dr. Reininger puts it, "beyond description." He writes about the challenges parents and loved ones are faced with while working through the grieving process and learning to heal their aching heart.

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Please check back often. Future articles are planned on topics such funerals, grieving, healing, financial adjustments, and more.


Featured Book...

Seven Choices: Taking the Steps to New Life After Losing Someone You Love

An outstanding reference book that identifies the unexplainable myriad of emotions experienced when losing someone, not only to death, but to divorce and other losses as well.

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