Gladys Rivers

January 13, 1914 - February 10, 2004

The Life of Gladys Rivers

 Here we are Mother, Grandma, GG, Auntie Gladys coming together to give you our love and respect.  We even have 4 of your precious great grandchildren here today.  We have had many compassionate and caring calls from the family members that could not be present.  If we have a few tears today, they are coming from our love for you and our respect for your inner desire to do your best and for your hope that others recognized your worth and contributions.

On January 13, 1914, Gladys Marjorie Mickle  was born in Crystal City, Manitoba, Canada.  She had three older brothers, Ralph, Earl and Lloyd.  They lived and worked on the farm until they moved to California.  She had a fondness for her Canadian heritage.  She loved sharing her memories from that time of her life with her kids and grandkids. We heard many stories, including her experiences of riding her horse to school each day and taking long walks in the valley with her dog.   Maybe some of us present would like to share our stories later.

Gladys at 20 yrs old

She loved natural beauty and created beautiful yards.  At the time of our father’s death, they had almost finished a magnificent transformation of the back yard in Mariposa. 

Gladys' first school

She had a terrific mathematical mind.  Did you ever play cards with her?  Not only did she know where all the trump cards had been played she had kept track of the other three suits as well.  She loved nothing better than a rousing game of Bridge and played it often for many years.

 And are we all aware of her inner desire to be a teacher?

Her artistic talent was evident in her landscaping, but also her drawing.  She could draw anything.  She could listen to you describe something and draw it.  She could see a dress and draw the pattern to make one like it.  My dress for 8th grade graduation was made that way.  When we lived in Atwater, I saw the dress I wanted in a store window in Martinez. I graduated in a dress that looked very much like the one in the window.  She made many clothes that she just created on her own.

She married Joe Rivers in Santa Maria in 1938 at the age of 24.She was dedicated to her family and very protective of her children.  She sewed most of the family clothes, kept her home and family clean and well-fed, and contributed to the financial stability of the family through her hard work and creative mind.

Gladys & Joe - 1950's

She belonged to Rebekahs and Eastern Star enthusiastically serving in all the possible positions and taking part in the activities. She and Dad were well known throughout California for their service as Worthy Matron and Worthy Patron. She dedicated herself to ministering to members in nursing homes or the hospital and those who were home bound. 

Bridge clubs were fun for her and provided many happy hours of companionship and intelligent focus. Bowling  also became another great activity for her when she was widowed. She traveled to several places, such as Reno for bowling tournaments.

Yosemite 1941

And Camping.   Every summer vacation was a camping trip to beautiful National and State Parks.  No motels.  Just tents.
She and Dad taught Arthur Murray dancing for several years and the two of them stood out as pros on the dance floor.  Even during the years of 1996 through 2000 she went dancing at the Senior Center in Bend.  The gentlemen that came there to dance quickly recognized her ability and frequently sought her out as their dance partner.

Joe & Gladys housewarming '48

Gladys had natural musical talent.  We heard that at the piano. She was the musician for Rebekahs and Eastern Star in Merced and Mariposa and played for church in Mariposa. She was still playing very well by ear until about a year ago at the marvel of her caregivers. 

Favorite dog "King"

She cared so much for those less fortunate  and for animals.  Oh, how she loved animals and how attentive she was to their needs.   Her dog, King, provided her constant companionship for many years.  She has a beautiful painting of him in her room. Even in the recent past, occasionally someone would bring animals to Aspen Ridge, where she resided the past few years. The animals always responded to her kind attention.
Do you remember her laugh and happy face?  She had a sunny personality.  Gladys was a giver not a taker.  She was a person of Principle. She was intelligent, creative, energetic and enthusiastic.  Some of us have wondered where she would have ended up if she had been able to pursue her education and follow her dreams.  She wanted to have a comfortable life and to look attractive.  She wanted caring friends and set a good example when it came to caring for others.  She had a tremendous work ethic and in short was a workhorse.  Perhaps her work ethic was the result of her early years on the farm.  Gladys had many of the same traits as her Mother which some of you will remember.  She always did her part and more, but she wanted to be acknowledged, like anyone else. 

Happy couple, Gladys & Joe - 1971

Gladys' 90th birthday - Feb. 2004

She loved God and the Father-Mother was her life’s focus.  She served many years in Christian Science churches in Atwater and Mariposa in California and Peoria, Arizona. 

The founder of Christian Science Mary Baker Eddy (Miscellany 119)  “Man is free from the flesh and is individual in consciousness—in Mind, not in matter.”  (Miscellaneous Writings p.189)  “For man to know Life as it is, namely God, the eternal good, gives him not merely a sense of existence, but an accompanying consciousness of spiritual power.  This spiritual power, healing sin and sickness, was not confined to the first century; it extends to all time, inhabits eternity, and demonstrates Life without beginning or end.”

St. Paul’s words (Gal. 5:14)  “For all the law is fulfilled in one word, even in this;  Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself.”

 And in the words of Job (Job 23:16)  “God maketh my heart soft”, let us all think of Gladys with a soft heart.

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