Glenn "O.G."
Moncrief Jr.

February 21,1993 - February 29, 2000

"Our Little Angel"

Glenn "O.G." R. Moncrief passed away unexpectedly after a sudden illness. O.G. (Other Glenn) was a very happy little boy with lots of friends and full of vitality and good charm.  Born to be a people person he always made everyone laugh and could never stop talking.  He loved going to Davie Elementary School and attending class taught by his teacher, Ms. Carter. O.G. was a typical boy who loved all types of sports. His greatest passion was Nascar and drag racing. Friends and family thought, for sure, that he would grow up to be the next Dale Earnhardt. 

Dale Earnhardt wanna-be

Glenn and sister Samantha

He also loved football. Being a true Miami Dolphins fan, the first game of the season he made sure he would stand out in school as their #1 fan. Dressed from head to toe in orange and blue he was as proud in spirit as anyone could ever be. O.G. loved to bicycle and play with his friends in the neighborhood.  His best friend in the whole world was Bob Lanum.  

Sister Samantha, Brother David and Glenn

O.G. Pilgrim

O.G., we know you were placed here on this earth to bring joy into everybody's life.  If this was your mission, you definitely get a "gold star".  We will always love you, pray for you and we will never forget you. We will cherish the memories forever that you have given us.  Thank you God, for bringing O.G. into this world, we can only wish that you would have let him live a longer life with us. We know there must be a reason for you to have taken our precious O.G. so suddenly, but all we can ask of you is that you take good care of him.

Glenn Moncrief Jr is survived by:

Glenn Moncrief Sr. (Father)
Cynthia Ann Moncrief (Mother)
Jennifer Roberts (Sister)
David Chamblee (Brother)
Samantha Moncrief (Little Sister) 

The Moncrief family would like to invite family and friends to please sign the guest book. We would love to know how Glenn had touched your life. Thank you for the sharing your thoughts and memories.

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This memorial tribute has been developed for the Moncrief family courtesy of Jim Hudson and family.

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