Frederick Lee

November 26, 1958 -
 February  25, 2003

One Year Anniversary Tribute

Hello dear family and friends. I can't believe it’s been a year since Fred entered into eternal life! The tiny little miracles that have happened in my life are soo many, but I believe Fred is always by my side, guiding me AND making things happen in my life, along with of course, the big guy up there!! I feel in my heart and soul that he is happy, free and pointing things out to us everyday. It is also on this day that it is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of lent, a time for fasting, which includes whatever helps to make life healthier, simpler, cleaner, less selfish, more wholesome, more noble, more just, more peaceful-anything that directs us home to eternal paradise. I can't help but feel Freddie wanted us on his one year anniversary to look at ourselves, and our lives, and to make sure we are more understanding as to what each of our purposes are and try to attain our true authentic selves and to love one another. Just remember how Fred led his life, with love, compassion towards others, love of the land and the animals, with optimism and child like curiosity. His life continues to be a major influence to my family and me even today. Below are some poems and quotes I felt Fred would hope for all of us, they are truly beautiful. I thank all of you for your love, prayers and support through this past year.  I wish you enough!  Love, Terri O'Waring 

It is not the things we accomplish that are important, it is the very act of living that is truly important.
- Dr. Bill Jackson

We've been invited to participate in this life, to be present, one to another, and that's all that's expected of us. Our successes may bring us personal joy, but our value as persons lies only in our being. But living fully is more than just making an appearance, here today.  It's celebrating our oneness-our ties to one another-our need for one another's presence to complete our own. And we can be a celebrant only when we're involved and fully focused on the experience. We capture life's gifts, its riches, when we are intent on the moment's fullness.  We miss what we most need when our hearts and minds are distracted.  All that's asked of me is rapt attention here, now, to others. And I'll find the good life. 
Fred Lee Waring found the good life!!

Life is not a Journey to the grave with the
intention of arriving safely in a pretty and
well preserved body, but rather to skid in
broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn
out, and loudly proclaiming...."Wow what a ride!

When we said 'I wish you enough,' we were wanting the other person to have a life filled with enough good things to sustain them", he continued, and then
turning toward me, he shared the following as if he were reciting it from memory:

I wish you enough sun to keep your attitude bright.

I wish you enough rain to appreciate the sun more.

I wish you enough happiness to keep your spirit alive.

I wish you enough pain so that the smallest joys in life appear much bigger.

I wish you enough gain to satisfy your wanting,

I wish you enough loss to appreciate all that you possess.

I wish you enough 'Hello's' to get you through the final 'Good-bye.

They say, "It takes a minute to find a special person, an hour to appreciate them, a day to love them, but then an entire life to forget them."

My friends and loved ones, "I WISH YOU ENOUGH!"

And as one final tribute please click on the link provided. It is a beautiful website that completely represents Fred's philosophy of life and the way he lived it.  And, I firmly believe that any of you who read this and knew him will agree. Share the moment and reflect at The Interview with God.  Please be patient because it will take a few minutes to load but it is well worth the wait. Also, after you view the website please take a moment and scroll to the bottom of this website to sign the guestbook regarding Fred's One Year Anniversary and tribute to him. 


Frederick Lee Waring's Memorial....

Also known as Fred, Freddie, Teddy Jack or “You Big Stud” which he also referred to his dearest male friends as and to his female friends  “ Ya Little Studette”.

Frederick Lee Waring, was born on earth November 26, 1958  in St. Louis, MO to the late Robert and Bettie McDermott-Waring and was raised in Carmel, Indiana.  The youngest of three, with two older brothers, Pat and Bob Waring.  Fred inherited his mothers Indian/Irish background and love of musical instruments and above all her cooking!  Fred’s father, Robert, was in the US Navy, as were his two brothers.  Fred inherited his father’s passion of hunting, target shooting, camping, fishing, boating, submarines and planes. Fred’s favorite movie was “Top Gun”. 

Fred attended Carmel Grade School, Junior High and High School, where he met some of his oldest and dearest friends.  They played together on “The Carmel Pups” Football team, little league and baseball team, throughout Junior High and on to High School, where he wrapped up a successful sporting career on the Varsity “Carmel Greyhounds” Football Team as a  linebacker.  Fred was also a member of the l,000. Lb Weight Club.  Besides sharing & playing sports with his friends, they all loved Indy Car and Nascar Racing with a passion. 

Chris (son) and Fred

Fred was first married to Lisa Ward in 1980 in Indianapolis, Indiana.  On April 25, 1981 in Cincinnati, Ohio they had a beautiful baby boy, Christopher Ryan Waring, the light of Freddie’s eye.  Fred adored Chris and as Chris grew older, he became more of an image of his father (besides being Fred’s clone) reflecting his whit, love and compassion for people.  Fred was always VERY PROUD of his son’s ambition and never hesitated to talk about his son’s accomplishments to everyone he knew and met, always giving everyone updates on Chris’s life.  They had the same smile and laugh, and shared humorous quotes and songs from their favorite movies.  But the greatest love they shared, besides each other, was of the outdoors; hunting, golfing, fishing and especially boating.  In Chris, we all will be reminded of Fred in so many ways; his great big smile, laughter, looks, mannerisms, body build and even the raised eyebrow!  Fred DEEPLY LOVED Chris.  Fred will always be in his heart and right beside him, forever to guide him through life.  I can just hear Fred saying this to Chris and all of us “Don’t miss me too much.  The view is nice, and I’m doing just fine.” (Quoted by Ashely Rice).

Fred and Terri dating

Terri O’Connell-Waring and Fred Waring both attended Carmel High School, but they were two year apart, Terri being older.  The O’Connell family had six siblings, Terri, the oldest, Laura (l yr. older than Fred), Tom “OC” (2 yrs. younger than Fred) and Jeff “Barney” (3 yrs. younger than Fred), Beth and Kelly.  The four oldest attending school at the same time as Fred did.  The O’Connell family, being a large one, held numerous parties at their parent’s house, Ron & Aggies, A LOT.  Fred attended many of those parties.  Terri moved off to Chicago in 1976 and in 1980 Fred got married and moved.  By 1990 both Terri and Fred moved back to Carmel.  Both were single.  After the 1990 Indy 500 Car Race, Terri met up with her brother, Tom, at “The Cork” restaurant to continue the 500 festivities.  After entering the Cork, Terri ran into one of Tom’s friends, Jim W., who looked like he had a lot of fun, so Terri asked who was driving him home and Jim explained “His Good Friend Freddie was driving him home”.  Terri said “Show me who this Freddie is” When Jim introduced them, Terri began asking Fred if he was taking Jim home, and Fred answered “I know who you are, you are one of the O’Connell girls, O’C’s sister.  I’ve been to your parent’s house many times and admired you throughout high school.  I figured I didn’t have a chance of dating you since you were older and that you dated older guys”.  The more they talked and saw how much they had in common; they both agreed it had been  “Love at first sight”.  Terri even told her mother, “I believe I am going to marry this man someday!”

 After dating about eight months, Terri & Fred were in Chicago for Terri’s corporate Christmas party. The next evening they went to “The Hard rock Café” for dinner.   All of a sudden Fred got down on one knee and asked Terri to marry him.  Everyone was watching, and she shook her head yes and they hugged as the whole restaurant gave a standing ovation!!  They were married on 2/22/92 in Carmel, Indiana.

They had a gorgeous wedding, with fourteen in their wedding party.  The Bridesmaids wore Black Velvet Gowns & the Bridegrooms in Black & White Tuxes. (One of their favorite songs was “Black Velvet” by Alana Miles). 

Fred’s career promotions took him to many different states in the US, starting with Manager at “Red Roof Inn” and Manager of “Dalts” Restaurant in Indpls. IN, to General Manager at “TGIFridays, Inc.” in Houston, TX.  He decided then to go into the selling side of the industry working for “Edward Don & Co.” and “SERVICO, Inc.” in Chicago, and did very well.  When Terri & Fred married he wanted to get back to customer service and “hands-on” side of managing, so he moved to Bloomington, IN to become the General Manager of “The Border Grill” Restaurant and was promoted back to Indpls. IN to open the Company’s new restaurant as General Manager of “The Hardwood Grill”.

 His most rewarding move was entering the hotel side of the industry when he was offered a promotional opportunity as “The Director of Food & Beverage” for the “Crowne Plaza Hotel” for McGuffeys in Branson, MO. Fred loved everything about Branson, the people, new friends and the beautiful land and Tablerock Lake.  But his next career promotion took them to Kansas City, MO as Assistant General Manager/Dir. of F & B for “The Embassy Suites Hotel KCI Airport”.  After three years he switched companies to join the “Radisson Hotel Downtown Kansas City” and this is where he met his boss, Robert T., who would later become his mentor and good friend.

 His dream to move down south to Florida became a reality when offered a position to go with his mentor, Robert, as Assistant General Manager/Dir. of F & B for the “Holiday Inn Oceanfront Resort” in Melbourne, FL.  This was probably his favorite hotel.  Everyday he would go out on the ocean deck and thank the lord to be able to work in such a beautiful atmosphere!  But the company had bigger plans for Freddie.  The Company was so impressed with his performance, they promoted him to General Manager at the “Holiday Inn on the Lake” in Birmingham, AL, a position he had strived his whole career to achieve.  In a short time he managed to turn the hotel scores into positive ones.  Because of this, he was being sought out by Hospitality Headhunters, and asked to become the General Manager for the “Holiday Inn Convention Centre” in Alexandria, LA.  But after one year of proving his expertise and ability to develop a strong working team of people, Fred was asked to help open the new LSU ALUMNI’s Hotel, the first on any US campus, called “The Lod Cook Conference Center and Suite Hotel” at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, LA.  From purchasing toilet paper, hiring hotel management and staff and setting up this huge computer system, to ordering Alumni’s  Shaq O.’s special bed size for his personal suite!! HE DID IT ALL!!  And it became a Great Success.  From there he was beckoned to Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where once again he was happy to be near the water for his favorite pastimes of fishing, boating and golfing. 

I believe we are put here on earth to Know Love, Feel Love and Have Given Love.  To Be Somebody’s Someone.  To be a Friend.  Fred achieved all of these, plus being a Father.  The following quote was from the Bible, as spoken by Jacob in reference to his wife.  I found this while reading the book “Living A Life That Matters”; by Harold S. Kushner,  "Along the Way, He Loved Me and I Loved Him.  He Changed My Life and I Changed His.  And That Means Everything was Worthwhile”.  This is so true! 

Fred and I cared and loved each other deeply.  Our Wedding Song from the movie “Robinhood” sung by Brian Adams was,  “Everything I do, I do it for you”  & we did.  I will desperately miss him, his kisses, happy voice, loving eyes, smiles, hands, broad, broad shoulders and those masculine, strong legs.  I loved the way he talked and loved on our golden retriever “Kasha”, they both adored each other.  It was so fitting when Chris T. said,  “ I would like to come back as one of Fred’s dogs”!  Kasha will miss him very much.  Fred’s laughter was contagious (NO ONE else could ever make me laugh so hard.  I remember so many times trying to catch my breath because I was laughing so long!)  I have so many Good Memories!

Fred, Terri & "Kasha"

My Life has been fulfilled for thirteen years with being Fred’s Best friend, Lover, Soul mate and Wife.  He is in my every thought, everyday, forever.  Please guide me Fred, until I meet with you again.  For Now, Rest My Sweet.   I love you so much, more and more each day.   Terri

Fred Waring was a sweet and good man, honorable and wise.  He showed love and compassion, generosity and self-sacrifice.  As our friend, Don F. said, “He was the Real Deal”.   He truly had a successful and significant life.  God had a greater use for Fred.  Our Angel Fred’s memory will be alive in our hearts always, he’ll be watching over and guiding us.  As quoted by our dearest friends, Don & Geraldine B.

“He Made A Difference In Our World, But Heaven Is Richer!”   ALLELUIA!
Wife, Terri O'Connell-Waring; son, Christopher R. Waring; brothers Pat and Bob Waring

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