Frank Michael Biglin
November 7, 1964 - May 13, 1999


Loving Husband
Proud Father
True Friend...

It has been a year since you have passed away from this world into God’s beautiful universe, and not a day that goes by that I don’t think about you or miss you.  It’s not as though I wish to be selfish and want you here with me, on earth.  It’s the fact that your life was taken away and that you are unable to continue to share in the joys and pleasures that life gives. Everyday I look at Kyle and see you.  I see your smiles, your actions, your entire personality shine through him.  Many times I cry selfishly because of the pain of losing you.  But mostly I cry for Kyle because he will never know you, his “da-da”, and for all that you have missed in the passed year and in the future years to come.  I know you love him, watch him, and take care of him everyday from where you are, I don’t doubt that for a second.  But the hard part is that Kyle can’t “feel” the strength of your hugs, the “tenderness” of your kisses, and the “power” of your love.  I don’t bring Kyle to your grave, and I don’t dwell on the place where you’re body lies. But I believe strongly in where you are now, and I promise to teach about that beautiful place to Kyle. I know you must hear our prayers every night and the love that we have for you. But, there are many days I think we need the prayers more than you do because you are in a very safe and wonderful home and we are here in this ever challenging world!  I know I have no choice to move on, because it truly is the only way to heal.  However, I will never stop loving you as a person, a husband or a father.  Since you have passed you have given me a strength and courage that I never knew existed in me.  Yet, I know it is through you and God that have made all the many possibilities and miracles happen in my life that have put me where I am today.  I definitely cannot say it’s been an easy road but I know one thing is for sure and that is through love all things are possible.  And no matter where this winding road takes little Kyle and I, I know one thing is always true and that is I could never have done it with out you!  Thank you Frankie for taking care of us and bringing inspiration and focus into our lives.  

We love you and miss you always!   Sheri and Kyle


Sheri and Kyle Biglin would like to invite family and friends to place a one year tribute in Frank's guest book .  Thank you for the sharing your thoughts and memories with us.

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