Walter and Alice


Walter B. 
Born Sept. 21, 1929
Died Dec. 31, 1999 

Alice Sherwood 
Born July 9, 1927
Died March 3, 2000


Walter and Alice Stringham were married for 45 years.  Walter was born in Greene, NY and  worked for Berman's Motor Express as a truck driver for 34 years and became the union steward. He loved hunting and trapping.

Walter and Alice 

Alice the "Championship" Majorette

Alice was born in Oxford, NY and was a graduate of Oxford Academy and Central School. However, some may remember Alice from school where academics came second and cheerleading, playing the saxophone and being the drum majorette took a front seat. She was their first Drum Majorette for the marching band in school and won two State Championships.  Alice enjoyed it so much she became advisor for the twirlers of the Oxford Marching Band from 1973 to 1997. Also, she participated in coordinating a spring pageant of young kids dancing and twirling the baton.  Alice worked every year for weeks and weeks helping to produce a show which they would perform at  the school. However, one year their hard work brought them fame by twirling on the Jerry Lewis Telethon. 
Alice became an institution in downtown for over 24 years helping school children across Route 12. She was dedicated to standing out in the snow, rain and sub zero weather, twice a day, five days a week.  She earned the Lion's Club Citizen of year award in 1995 and was awarded an exceptional Merritt Award from the Police Department for "putting herself in harms way" in the fog getting a child out of the way of a vehicle. Many of you know that Alice owned that corner and she would face down a tractor trailer head on if she had to. In fact, you can still go by that corner and feel her presence so make sure you have your seat belt fastened and going the correct speed.  


Alice helping children for 24 years as a crossing guard

Alice Stringham was a member of the Fort Hill Post American Legion Auxiliary and a lifetime member of Post 2782 VFW Auxiliary and was a former member of the Oxford Fire Department Auxiliary.  She was a member of the Oxford Historical Society and an avid book collector of local history.

Memories of "Mom"
by Christine Volk Pollock

  As I was talking to my friend, Lawrence Wilcox the other day, he was telling me that mom's influence on him was something he would always remember. Naturally, I laughed and said---I bet.  He continued to say that one thing about Alice he learned to admire was that you always knew where you stood with her.....and that made me smile. 

I also spoke with another old friend about mother's and I said oh your mom was so quiet and was always cooking and always there; and she said "oh, maybe too quiet"  ----your mom had and was quite a character!

I have fond memories of mom as a den mother and later going to all the wrestling matches and football games watching for #44 as my brother went through high school.  And then of course her and dad going all over several counties with truck and trailer to all the 4-H functions and horse shows with my sister Kathie.

 I remember being absolutely mortified when mom took a job at the high school my junior year as a lunch room monitor and earned the nickname of "The Warden" in no time flat! 

My favorite recollections of my mom was coming home and going antique hunting, or garage sale-ing.  She was such an avid book collector.  If you were ever sitting with her at the coffee shop downtown you probably heard her say more than once.  "I've got to sneak these books past Walt" I reiterate she was an avid collector.  She loved local history and had many books on local history. Now Alice is part of the history here and we will miss her so. I love you mom. Chris

Alice and Walter Stringham are survived by:

Lillian Gray, mother, Melbourne, Fl.
Christine Volk Pollock and Jimmie Pollock, daughter and son-in-law, Melbourne, Fl
Thomas J. Volk and Paula Volk, son and daughter-in-law, Orlando, Fl
Kathleen M. Stringham, daughter, Englewood, Fl
Grandchildren:  Mark Pollock, Jason Volk, Stacy Volk
and Great-grandson: Brandon Volk
  Ruth Stringham, sister-in-law; Lucy Stringham Nowill, niece and nephews:  Donald Stringham, Francis Stringham and Leland Stringham.  

Christine Volk Pollock would like to invite family and friends to sign the guest book to know how Alice and Walter touched your life. Thank you for the sharing your thoughts and memories.

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