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For those who have lost a loved one, I can understand your pain. I recently lost my husband, 34, and our 14-month-old son lost his "Da-Da" to brain cancer. During his sickness, friends and family from all over helped us in many ways. My husband and I often spoke about how grateful we were to have so many contributions to save his life, and we wondered how we could thank everyone once he had gotten better.

Unfortunately  his time came to pass, and he never had the chance to give thanks or say goodbye to all  who cared so much.  The day after he died I created an online memorial and tried to express his final words and feelings. It helped me to start the healing process by knowing that I was creating such a loving, honorable tribute to him. 

I dedicate Memories of to my husband, Frankie, who I will always love with all my heart. He is the biggest linebacker angel I could ever ask for to take care of us.

Online Memorials & Obituaries

My husband, Frank, and I celebrating
 our son Kyle's first birthday party.

If you have thought about creating a memorial site for your loved one, I promise you that it will leave the best feeling for yourself and for others. The healing process is incredible. Whenever you feel sad, lonely, or just want to see them, pictures and memories of your loved one is there at the click of a button. It is better than any photo album because of the amount of love and energy put into it by your family and friends. The music, poems, pictures, and messages make it a must have for your heart to begin to heal.

I welcome you to e-mail me at if you have any comments or suggestions about Memories of Thank you!
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